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About Our Studio


The concept? 

          To provide clients with an opportunity to achieve amazing results in their homes and offices with a budget in mind, and to never duplicate the creativity into someone else's space. 


The Name? 

           Shea is Shandra's nickname. Noel is her maiden name.  It's that simple. 


Life As Luxury?

           Yes. That is exactly what Shandra creates for her nearly 2200 clients nationwide - Regardless of budget.


Green Initiative?

              Shea-Noel Interiors, Inc. has operated under a "green" policy since 2003. Creating healthy spaces is a priority for Shea-Noel 's Design Team.



               A client once mentioned to a friend the Shea-Noel Interiors Design Team had to be "The Interior Design Firm of the South" because of our extensive work in the southern regions.  Well, it caught on. 



              Regarded as one of the leading interior design firms in the South, SNI prides itself on community involvement and the "down to earth client focused results based, one thing - one time" approach. 


We are pleased to be in our 13th year, and couldn't have made this journey without our wonderful clients and friends.

The people who make the magic happen....
Shandra Blackwell-Rock

Shandra Blackwell-Rock

Founder, Principal Designer Shandra is graduate of the University of Tennessee - Martin with a degree in HES - Interior Design. A former ASID State Board Member-at-Large, National ASID speaker, CEU content creator and a juror for the NCIDQ Exam. Shandra is NCIDQ certified and was an interior design instructor at her alma mater. Shandra has 2 children with whom she travels and boats with. She also directs a national pageant system and owns Crowned Couture Clothing Company.

Stene't Hartz

Stene't Hartz

Shandra's Brain Stene't rocks at life.. and she keeps Shandra focused and on time.

Stephen Hartley

Stephen Hartley

Installation Lead When you need installation, he is the man.

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